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Backyard Shed Ventura

Joe M.,

Ryan and his team built me an epic backyard office shed in 5 days.

It feels more like an addition to our house than a shed because it is so high quality.

If you live in Ventura/Ojai/Santa Barbara, don’t even consider getting a tuff shed.

Ojai Office Shed

Dave M., Ojai

I work from home. A lot. It’s mostly great, but juggling home life with work was getting stressful. My office was right off the kitchen. It was constant interruptions and too many snacks. I decided I needed to get out of the house, and into my own space. I fortuitously met Val and Ryan through my kids school and we started a conversation around building an office shed in my backyard. Fast forward 2 years and I could not be happier with my stand alone office shed. The quality of construction and the end result far exceeded my expectations. I now have separation between work and home, and my own space. It’s honestly night-and-day difference. But I do miss those snacks.

Backyard Studio Shed

Amber T.,
Newbury Park

We recently had a shed/office built by Ryan and his crew and we are SUPER  happy with the results.

Not only are they great guys and a pleasure to have around, they worked quickly with a high level of quality and craftsmanship, exceeding our expectations.

We are absolutely pleased with our office and totally would recommend Genuine Sheds.

Ojai Storage Shed

Linda O., 

Ryan checked all the boxes -- quality, value, professional, responsive, on time.

Kind and considerate thrown in as well.

I recommend him to everyone I know for the process and the outcome.

Santa Barbara Studio Shed

Paige H.,

Santa Barbara

Ryan and his crew did an outstanding job! I highly recommend Genuine Sheds. Ryan is communicative, organized, efficient, and does terrific, solid work. We love our new shed that we are using as a backyard office. Ryan helped us choose a design and materials that best fit our needs and budget. Ryan and his team were professional, timely, polite and fun to have around. I have recommended Genuine Sheds to many friends and I hope to see more of their genuine, quality work around town.

Studio Shed

Hayden B., LA

Ryan and crew crushed it. We had spoke for months about additional soundproofing specs to make sure I could use it as a music studio, and Ryan was open to all my suggestions, learning about soundproofing along the way. In the end, I have an awesome office/music studio. The build was more involved than their normal builds with two layers of drywall, cement siding, Rockwool insulation, and green glue and sealant all over the place. I'd hire Ryan to build everything around my house. Part because he'd do a great job, and part because he's that much fun to hang out with. You'll be very happy hiring these guys.

Office Shed

John B.,


Ryan and his team are amazing. He met with us in advance and worked with us to arrive at a design that met our budget. He was clear about what work he did vs. what was outside his scope. Ryan gave us a fixed bid quote, laid out a schedule, then performed according to that schedule. He even made arrangements to do some of the work early to meet the final completion date. We are incredibly happy with the finished product, which added much needed square footage to our living space.

Ojai Office Shed

Brian J.,


We were looking for a shed/office/in-law suite for our backyard. I talked to Ryan on the phone and immediately had a great gut feeling about him. I emailed him over what I was thinking and bing-bang-boom we had a plan and a start date. Ryan and his team arrived on time and got straight to work. They were receptive to ideas and were just pleasant and amiable people to be around. The "Bungalow" as we call it now looks AMAZING and far surpassed our expectations. We get compliments on it ALL THE TIME. Great experience and we highly recommend!

Ventura Storage Shed

Laurie P.,

Thousand Oaks

Ryan and team did a great job on our shed.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.  Ryan worked with us to customize the shed to our space and design.  I think it was first time they'd build one to that height, but it's perfect and looks great.  He even helped us customize it with redwood accents to match our gate and put in the windows that we wanted.  

Bonus points for showing up on time and working throughout without complaint!  Finally someone who says what they do and does what they say.  

We're very happy with the result.

Storage Shed

Scott W., Ventura

Ryan did a custom design on a Genuine Shed, built for me to fit into a particular space at my home in 2018. Here it is almost 5 years later as we are about to begin 2023. This shed has been amazing over this whole time span; no leaks in the roofing or the walls, no sagging or weak spots in the floor. The seals in all the installed windows are solid and without leaks. Occasionally I've had to adjust slightly the outer door latch position as there has been slight shifting as the unit has "settled in" over the years, but that's it. Great product and workmanship, and it has really added to my own personal enjoyment (it's my workshop/man cave) and even has added to the value of our home if we needed to move at some point.

Backyard Office Shed

Amy O., Ventura 

Ryan built my studio shed and I couldn't be happier. The construction is top quality and he was a real pleasure to work with. I agree with the other reviewers in that he was friendly and helpful at each stage of the project. He completed the exterior and interior for my shed and it's exactly what I wanted. I recommend Ryan and Genuine Storage Sheds without any hesitation. There are small things that can really make a big difference-- like when he was building on Sunday, he took a lunch break at the time my 2 year old naps so he wouldn't have to skip a nap due to the noise. What a nice and understanding person! Thank you, Ryan!

Studio Shed

Heather F.,

Santa Barbara

I now have a beautiful garden massage studio in my yard thanks to Ryan! It's custom to my specifications and and he even installed vintage windows and doors that I love.
Ryan is the consummate professional, and I cannot more highly recommend him. Having been through a home remodel, I know how hard it is to find someone trustworthy and professional who provides a great product at an awesome price. He even smoothed things over with some of my "curious" neighbors.
I'll never have to look for another contractor! 
Thanks, Ryan!

Studio Sheds

Lynn F.,

So glad I kept searching and searching on the internet and found Ryan at Genuine Sheds. I needed it custom with my own selection of windows and doors to match our new home. He and Thomas were all set to go each morning and knew just what I wanted. The craftsmanship is superb.  I also found that his prices are very reasonable and the quality exceeded my expectations. I can't say enough positive things about the whole experience.

Studio Shed

Liz B., Santa Barbara

Ryan and his team are the best!!!!! They are all so professional and kind and easy to work with. We love our new shed, it is beautifully built and the fact that it was done in 5 days was pretty incredible. We got to customize it and make it just how we wanted. I highly recommend Genuine Sheds : )

Backyard Shed

Jocelyn D.,
Santa Barbara

Ryan and his crew built our shed in one weekend. They were very courteous, professional and did a great job. I was so impressed with them that I asked them to come back a few months later to finish the interior of the shed, putting in insulation, tongue and groove ceiling panels, and bead board for the walls. Ryan, the business owner listened to what I wanted and delivered an excellent product. I would recommend him to anyone that is considering having a shed built on their property.

Backyard Studio Shed

Josh H.,
Thousand Oaks

We couldn't be happier with the service and product provided by Genuine Sheds and Studios. Ryan, Valerie and their team were easy to work with and helped us to customize our shed to exactly what we needed, even accommodating modifications at the time of construction. I highly recommend them to anyone.

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