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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permits?

Permitting is not generally required for sheds that are 120 square feet or less . You should still confirm setbacks, noise ordinances, guidelines and/or permits required by your particular county, city or HOA. 

What does the average finished studio cost?

Most of our finished studios end up around $13-20K. This can vary depending on the amount of upgrades and customer's selection of windows, doors, A/C, split units, fixtures, etc. 

How long before I can move in?

Basic sheds can typically be scheduled within 1-2 months, sometimes less. Finished studios tend to be booked 2-4 months in advance depending on the season. This gives us plenty of time to work together to finalize a design that fits your specific needs. Onsite install for a basic shed is 2 days from start to finish. A studio shed can range from 4-7 days depending on scope. 

What is the ROI on my shed?

The feedback we've gotten from both customers and local realtors is that a backyard studio shed often sees 100% return or greater. Essentially, they are multi-purpose detached rooms that add both living space and incredible value to your property.   

Is it a tax write off?

Small businesses using a shed as an office or business hub can often write off all or a portion of their shed. We encourage you to look into possible tax write-offs for your unique situation.

Is there a warranty?

We offer an industry standard Workmanship Warranty which covers work performed by our company for 5 years under normal residential use, to the original customer given that all exposed surfaces are properly sealed and painted within 90 days of completion.

Do you travel outside your area?

We generally serve Ventura, Santa Barbara and Northern LA counties. 

Locations outside the 50 mile radius from the City of Ventura may require a travel fee. 

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