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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permits? Confirm setbacks, noise ordinances, guidelines and/or permits required by your county, city or HOA.

Ground must be prepped in advance in the following ways:
Good (enough): Cleared ground, weeds pulled, sprinkler heads capped.
Better: Prep area with critter screen and compacted with road base or dirt and gravel mix
Best: A poured concrete foundation
Shingles: Please email or text a picture of your house roof if you'd like us to try and match it.
Secure doors, windows, flooring, fixtures and any other extras not included in our delivery.
Trenching for electrical if needed
Bathrooms- please let us know in advance if you will be designating a bathroom for our crew or if you’ll be renting
a portable unit. If you live a short distance to a gas station or store this may be a suitable option as well.
What to Expect - Project Timeline
● Delivery: Materials will arrive on-site 1-2 days before your start date (unless otherwise specified) via Lowe’s
delivery. Please inform us of any specific instructions the driver may need to bring the materials, on a forklift,
within 20' of the build site (having to carry materials in by hand instead may incur a fee TBD). Typically, we are in
direct communication with the driver day-of and you will not need to be home.
● Placement: Final placement of the shed must be confirmed in person the morning the project starts. Please plan
on being there to verify it before we begin. As an alternative, please stake or flag the 4 corners where the shed
will sit in advance. Having to relocate the shed will result in a fee TBD.
● Work Days: We may arrive as early as 7:30am and work as late as 7pm
● Timeline: Please let us know in advance if there are any restrictions or special circumstances which may limit our
work hours or days (HOA, neighbors, noise ordinances, etc.) so we can do our best to plan around them. Last
minute stop-work notices and/or additional work days as a result will incur a fee TBD ($500/day minimum).
Other Conditions
● Location: Remote locations / vacant lots / limited power / difficult access may require an additional fee TBD.
● Travel Fee: Locations outside a 50 mile radius from the City of Ventura may require a travel fee TBD
● Waste Disposal Fee: Covers removal and disposal of all construction waste from the site upon completion.
● Changes to dates and cancelation: Changes made less than two weeks in advance of the agreed upon dates
will incur a fee. We require at least a 4-week notice of cancellation for a full refund of deposit.
● Workmanship Warranty: For 5 years under normal residential use, on work performed by our company to the
original customer given that all exposed surfaces are properly sealed and painted within 90 days of completion.
Payment Terms
● Checks payable to: Genuine Sheds and Studios LLC Address: 804 S La Luna Ave Ojai CA 93023
● Venmo: @ryan_and_valerie_yates
● 50% deposit is due in advance to secure dates
● Remainder is due upon completion. Please have a check/cash ready or be ready to complete it via Venmo.
● A $50 late fee will apply for final payments submitted more than 24 hrs after completion.

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